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Ideas For Cheap Office Cubicles

If your budget is practically non-existent, even a set of deeply discounted used cubicles might be out of your grasp. In that situation, you need to get inventive and figure out a way to build your own really, really cheap office cubicles. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


This time honored building material can be used to create not only cubicle panels but also all the other accoutrements of office life. Check out the entire office made of old boxes over at Paradine Shift. It comes complete with a chair, two flat screen monitors, and even a mini-fridge. Sure, it’s not the most functional or attractive workspace. But what it lacks in flair and actual usefulness it makes up for in affordability!


There is a magical place where you and your employees can have as many cubicles as you could possibly desire. Sporum poster Andeavor has developed a cubicle template that allows you to create and customize workstations in an online environment. You can make one for every day of the week and showcase your interior design talent for all to see. These cheap office cubicles may exist only in the binary world of 1s and 0s. But all the great inventions in life start as ideas – don’t they?

Sheet Cube

Remember how much fun it was to create a tent or cave out of sheets when you were a kid? It’s time to bring that tradition back to life in the office environment. To outline distinct workspaces for your employees, just string some heavy duty clothesline in a grid pattern across the office space. Then, workers can bring their own favorite sheets from home and drape them over the clothesline to create instant cubicle walls. A nice cotton sheet offers just the right amount of privacy while still allowing some light through. If things get too dim in these sheet cubicles, you can always provide some flashlights.


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