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How to Make an Office Space Really Inviting

What lengths would you go to if you needed to court a really splendid job candidate for a high level position? Do you take those candidates out to dinner at a fancy restaurant? Do you invite them to go on a fishing trip to catch blue marlin? Do you recreate your office space to make it incredibly appealing?

That last option is the one Johnson/Downie chose. This recruitment agency headhunts the world’s most prestigious legal stars for placement at top law firms. Instead of having a typical reception area at their office, they chose to create a glass alcove complete with white leather furniture, a white marble bar, a huge chandelier, and other extravagant details (see the jaw-dropping photos here). The space provides a private and luxurious setting for relaxed conversation, putting tightly wound “legal eagles” at ease. It can also be used to host special catered events, making it an even smarter and more versatile investment.

A Lesson in Office Luxury

While you probably don’t need to go quite this far to impress your job candidates, you might still consider ways this approach to office design could benefit your business.

How often is your reception space really used as a waiting area for visitors other than job candidates? If the answer is “rarely”, you might consider converting that area into a multi-use space that helps create a more open and comfortable atmosphere. Let this be a space that your current employees can enjoy as much as prospective employees do. If you turn it into a lounge, it could become a favorite gathering spot for collaboration. This means you actually encourage employees to work more effectively by giving them a perk.

Of course, that also means the first thing job candidates see when they walk in the door is coworkers having fun, relaxing, and still getting things done. That’s the kind of corporate culture that is very attractive to younger generations of workers. They don’t need leather and marble to feel special. But they do want to feel like part of a vibrant team. Why not put that feature of your brand front and center?


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