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How to Keep an Office Free From Pests

Keeping your office free from pests should be a top priority for any business owner. If you are concerned about the reputation of your company, you need to keep your office building clean and presentable. If the office becomes infested with termites, it could ruin the building and anything inside of it. What are some ways to keep termites out of your office?


Most Termites Live Underground


It is important to understand that most termites live underground. This means that you won’t notice them until it is too late. If you are about to purchase an office building, make sure that you ask about any previous termite damage that it may have experienced. In addition, ask if there have been any physical barriers erected to protect against termites invading your building. If there are none, it may be a good idea to have some built underneath the land surrounding the building.


Use Copper Whenever Possible


Coating wood with an insecticide that has copper as part of its mixture can keep termites away for a long time. The termites will not like the taste of the wood and could suffer serious illness when they attempt to eat the wood. This causes their colonies to die off and leave your office building alone. The best part is that using copper treated wood is not harmful to the environment.


Erect Physical Barriers Against Termites


If you can’t kill the termites, you can physically prevent them from coming in. Putting up barriers or mazes to direct the termites away from your property can significantly reduce the impact that termites could have on your office building.


Get Rid of Dead Wood


You may want to consider getting rid of dead wood surrounding the property. If there are any piles of cut wood, you should give them away or sell them as soon as possible. The less wood that is outside on your property, the less of a chance that termites have of getting into your building or being anywhere near your building.


Don’t Worry About Wooden Office Furniture


As most termites live underground, you won’t have to worry about wooden office furniture being attacked by termites. The good news is that wood that is used in furniture is often treated or stained before it is shipped to the consumer. Therefore, you may already have protection against the bugs if they do manage to get into the walls or into the offices themselves.


Call a Pest Control Expert


If you are really concerned about termites or any other pests infiltrating your office building, you can call a pest control expert at your earliest convenience to determine what can be done to stop them from getting anywhere near your property. There are a variety of chemicals that can be used to keep unwanted invaders outside where they belong.


Termite control is something that you need to be vigilant about as a business owner. If you are not careful, your entire building could become unstable and hurt an employee or a client. Therefore, make sure to get rid of as much wood as possible and call an expert for help if you need it.


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