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How To Customize Wholesale Cubicles For Your Office

Buying wholesale cubicles to outfit a mid to large-sized office space is simplest if you specify every unit to be exactly the same. But there’s a limit to how useful this approach can be. For example, sometimes having all the workstations structured alike means you can’t fit as many into your available space. A careful evaluation of your office layout might reveal that some customization will allow you to create more workspaces.

Variation Can Capture Space Savings

For example, in one area it might make sense for two desks to be facing each other with a cubicle panel between them. In another area, having employees share a central open space with desks facing outward makes more sense. You may also be able to incorporate existing walls into your cubicle layout instead of using all free-standing panel systems (depending on how you plan to handle wiring/cabling).

So, you may want to mix and match different sizes (standard vs. manager), different panel heights, different shapes (U shaped vs. L shaped), and other basic elements within the same cubicle setup. Sometimes, it’s possible to do this even with used cubicles. Additional components for the more popular brands can still be readily procured.

Employee-Specific Customization

Another way to differentiate wholesale cubicles is to provide an array of tools and accessories for employees. Installing these in every cubicle from the start is one way to go (that’s best for ergonomic items like task lighting and keyboard trays).

But giving employees the chance to ask for what they want can be a good option as well. That way, they have the satisfaction of “designing” their cube interior and you get to be the nice employer who listens and gives them what they want. This works best with items that can be readily added or taken off whenever the cubicle has a new resident. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Tool Racks (to hold trays and organizers)
  • Under Desk Pencil Drawer
  • White Board or Cork Board
  • Cubicle Door


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