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How to Child Proof Your Workplace

There’s plenty of information available online about how to child proof a home office. But what about childproofing a cubicle at a regular workplace? This doesn’t come up a lot unless you have a ‘bring your child to work day’ or a special event like office trick-or-treat for Halloween where kids are invited. In that case, the workplace needs a makeover before the children arrive. Assuming the kids are kindergarten age or older and a parent is nearby (but not hovering), here are a few ways to make the cubicle environment more kid-friendly.

  • Organize the cables and cords – make sure there are no tripping hazards in general. These are like magnets for children for some reason. You may have gotten used to stepping over something, but a child who is busy looking up at all the cool adults around him may not see objects on the floor.
  • Conversely, kids are a lot closer to the ground than you are, so they might see stuff you completely miss. This is a good time to clean out underneath your workstation to make sure there’s nothing down there that poses a choking or electrocution hazard. Cover up any outlets that aren’t in use.
  • Use your lockable overhead bins. This is the ideal time to put all your personal items as well as potentially hazardous supplies like scissors far out of reach. Framed pictures that have glass might also need to be tucked away if an especially rambunctious group of kids is expected.

That’s just scratching the surface of this topic. What other steps would you take to childproof your workspace for a day?


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