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How Office Furniture Installers Stay in Shape

HON Company has a delightful blog post up right now that highlights the best ways to build your muscles while you transport and set up office furniture. If you’ve ever wondered why office furniture installers are all as buff as your average water delivery guy, this post reveals the industry’s best workout secrets.

Of course, the HON post only talks about resistance training. For example, there’s the desk press and the chair cart push to build up your “guns”. But you still need to get in some cardio on the job. Volunteering to go fetch whatever tools got accidentally left in the delivery truck is a good one if you want an excuse to get go for a quick sprint. Crawling on your back (shoulder walking like in Jiu-Jitsu) while you install a keyboard tray underneath a desk is another great option to work up a sweat. For a real challenge of your endurance and dexterity, maneuver cubicle panels up the stairs instead of taking the freight elevator!


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