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How NOT To Buy Office Cubicles

There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about making any kind of purchase for your business. If you’re having an off day (or going through caffeine withdrawal), you might make a mistake that could cost you dearly. So, just to be on the safe side, here are some scenarios to avoid when you buy cubicles:

Bring the Whole Gang: You decide to take the whole office on a field trip to look at cubicles. Then, you promise to buy each employee a cubicle in their favorite style and color.

Try Before You Buy: You take a cup of coffee with you to the showroom and spill it on the nearest fabric panel or seat cushion to “test the stain resistance properties of the textiles”.

Change Isn’t Always Good: You place your order for cubicles with custom paint, laminate, and fabrics. Then, you change your mind two weeks later and ask for a different color scheme. When you find out your furniture is already in production, complain that the order you placed wasn’t really a “firm decision” and that you assumed they’d give you some time to figure out what you really wanted.

Ask an “I Love Lucy” Question: You see two cubicles – the cheapest one is 6’x6’ and the most expensive one is 8’x10’. Wonder aloud why the larger one isn’t cheaper. Isn’t there a discount for buying more square footage? Surely the dealer can make up for it in volume!

Keep it Vague: You show up at the dealership with only the foggiest notion of what you require. You think you might have 30 employees, or is it 50? You know you want some of those “cube things and some stuff for people to sit on”. Other than that, you’re open to suggestions.

OK, so you would never actually do any of those things. But customers do occasionally make space-planning decisions that they regret later. That’s why we offer a no-obligation, free consultation that’s worth as much as $1000. And that’s no mistake!


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