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How Does Office Space Planning Work When the Future Is Uncertain?

Don King, VP of Sales at BiNW, has written a very insightful article about how the purpose of the office space has changed dramatically over the past 50 years. The days when gathering employees in one place because it was the only way to monitor and communicate with the workforce are long gone. Today, one of the top reasons to have a dedicated office space is because it supports a specific type of work. Often, that means work that requires technology, equipment, office furniture and other resources that need to be housed in a centralized location. This means the built environment of the office needs to support the technology that’s being used in the office. Don has lots of interesting ideas for what this might look like.

We agree with him on one point in particular – you need to think modularly when it comes to office furniture. Never build in what you can buy in a more mobile and flexible form. At Cubicles Office Environments, we can help you plan a workspace that meets your needs now and that can change to address whatever challenges the future holds. Learn more about our no-charge, no-commitment space planning consultations here.


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