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How Do You Top Your Cubicle’s Walls?

Some office workers use their cubicles’ walls as a place to display a nice potted plant or a favorite picture. Others reserve their decorations for holidays when they add a garland or a few balloons. Then there are people who get really serious about displaying their technical skill and passion for a particular hobby. Check out the fully functional electric model train set Allan Gartner affixed to the top of his cubicle.

The track took quite a bit of customization to make it fit around the perimeter of the cube. Allan took pains to create brackets that hold the track in place without damaging the panels – a plus for his employer who probably doesn’t want to have to repair the company’s cubicle systems. He also went out of his way to make the train run as quietly as possible to keep from disrupting coworkers. That’s the perfect approach to being individualistic without being obnoxious!


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