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How Agile Is Your Office?

Stephen Searer sees the agile or smart office as a burgeoning trend among the most forward thinking companies featured in this mouthwatering photo spread. These firms want to make the most efficient use of their space while supporting the way their employees choose to work. You’ll see naturalistic settings, highly confidential layouts, collaborative areas, lots of sunlight, and some pretty cool office furniture in the linked article. One interesting point Stephen makes is that truly awesome office design is as much about what you take away as it is what you provide. Just like you wouldn’t want to run a mile wearing a 20 pound vest (unless you were training for an Iron Man), you don’t want to burden employees with things they don’t want, need or use. What would that be in your office? Where would you trim the fat for a leaner and more agile office space? Do you agree with the concept of agile office space design? Let us know in the comments.


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