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HON Office Furniture: San Diego Employers Get Real Answers

HON Office Furniture San DiegoHave you seen the online educational resource published by HON Office Furniture? San Diego businesses that don’t have a dedicated, experienced agent purchasing their workplace furnishings can really benefit from the type of advice contained in this short booklet. It covers everything from planning basics to desks, seating, cubicles, and storage.

HON entitles this document “How to Purchase Office Furniture: Real Answers, Real Simple” – and it is a quick read. The last page is a useful checklist that can be used to order directly from HON. However, it is generic enough to act as a planning sheet for buying from any manufacturer. As the HON booklet points out, most buyers research online but many still seek out a local office furniture dealer for help with office space design and layout. That’s an approach that makes sense if you can get a free consultation (like the one we provide at up to a $1000 value).

HONOverview of HON’s Tips

Understanding Your Purpose

Section 1 gives you a list of questions to ask about the “why” of your purchasing decision. It includes suggestions on the type of atmosphere you can create with different types of furniture and finishes.

Learn Your Terminology

Section 2 has a list of commonly used worksurface terms. Find out the difference between a return and a bridge along with what purpose each one serves in the work environment.

Seating Considerations

Section 3 advises purchasers not to buy conference room chairs as a substitute for task seating. Chairs made for temporary use just aren’t comfortable enough to sit in all day.

File It Away

Section 4 points out that filing cabinets need to be level for the drawers to operate properly. This means you need to either purchase storage units with built in levelers or plan to place shims (cardboard or otherwise) at the corners.

HEREOENotes on Panel Systems

Section 5 covers considerations for cubicle purchasing from HON Office Furniture. San Diego employers can learn a little about raceways and wiring here; but HON recommends a consultation with a local dealer for more specific information.


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