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HON Desking Lets You Know You’ve Arrived

Nothing tells the world that you’re at the top of your professional game like being surrounded by richly grained wood office furniture. But solid wood is pretty pricey. There’s nothing wrong with achieving the same elegant look with a nice veneer to give your furnishings the appearance of importance. The Arrive series from HON puts a slightly different twist on wood veneer or faux wood laminates. You’ll see more than just plain desktops here. Laptop docking trays and articulated monitor arms discretely support technology without interrupting the lines of the furniture.

The collection includes desking, storage, tables, and multi-media centers all coordinated to warm the room with red and gold overtones. Many of the flat vertical surfaces have a bead board effect with small grooves to add texture. Contoured edge detailing adds an authentic solid wood look that most laminate covered desks can’t match. The wood is stained and finished to resist wear and tear. But you’ll still want to make guests use a coaster to protect the wooden surfaces – out of respect for your prestigious position!


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