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Herman Miller “Thrives” at Ergo Expo

Herman Miller is expanding the concept of ergonomics again with the Thrive Portfolio of products. HM took advantage of the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition in November to introduce more employers to the changing needs of a workforce that has increasingly diverse work styles. Rather than focusing only on the needs of 9-5 office workers, Herman Miller is now categorizing items by how they best serve 3 work styles: Resident, Mobile, and Flex. Each type of worker has different ergonomic challenges and requires a different blend of solutions.

For example, an individual who uses only laptops, smartphones, and other mobile technology will still have a need for tools that support good posture. It’s just that those tools won’t include things like articulated monitor arms that are designed for workers with an assigned desk and PC. Instead, they may be best served by an office chair that fits many body types with minimal adjustment. In contrast, a “resident” worker who spends more than 6 hours per day at the same desk could benefit from access to a sit-to-stand worktable.


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