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Herman Miller Systems Furniture: Office – or Studio?

Do you cherish creativity in your employees just as much as you value productivity? Herman Miller systems furniture allows you to craft a workplace atmosphere that inspires both with their My Studio Environments collection. A studio is more than just an office – it’s where new ideas are born and innovative imagination is allowed free reign.

Frosted, patterned glass partitions give each mini-studio a soft glow. The circular interior layout offers a comfortable, cocoon-like personal space. The walls “float” just above the floor on short metal supports to reduce any feeling of claustrophobia. You can choose from a wide range of options for paint, laminates, and panel cladding for the My Studio line. This allows you to promote your brand image and create just the right mood for your office.

These 6’X8’ cubicles were designed with the goal of making each employee’s space feel as large as possible. That’s an excellent selling point for both employers and end users when office real estate is at a premium. These Herman Miller systems furniture modules are made up of components that are fairly easy to reconfigure. This means your cubicle setup can evolve along with your workforce.

In a departure from the traditional open cube, workers have the option of closing a door to reduce interruptions and increase concentration. Each user can also set up his/her computer screen so it isn’t immediately visible to people passing by. Since today’s employers screen internet usage via tracking software, this modicum of “IRL” privacy is a simple courtesy most workers will appreciate.

My Studio – Sustainability and History

Canadian designer Douglas Ball had this to say about his Herman Miller systems furniture creations, “I want people to come in on Monday morning and be happy that they’re there.” His love of the compact, functional spaces in personal sailing vessels and recreational vehicles translated into the My Studio collection. The manufacturer has built on this design with an eye toward sustainable practices at each point along the line.

Steel is the main component of these cubicles – it makes up 59% of the total materials used. This metal is, of course, fully recyclable at the end of the product’s life cycle. In total, 69% of the components in this collection can be reprocessed. 30% of the raw materials used in the My Studio line are pre or post consumer recycled content. The powder-coated finishes and water based adhesives used in this furniture keep potential indoor airborne pollution to a minimum.


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