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Herman Miller Introduces Stem Storage

The shift to the supposedly paperless office of the future apparently isn’t going to “stem” the demand for storage. At least that’s what Herman Miller is betting on. The office furniture manufacturer is preparing to debut a new line of storage products for the office. The Stem system is designed to change how workstations and storage interface. This is much more than a spine based office furniture system that happens to have bins and drawers.

The Stem can actually act as a connective or dividing system from which workstations and other work areas branch out. Instead of being peripheral, storage is now foundational. The units can be closed or open for storing documents, binders, materials, or personal items. Finishing options abound ranging from wood veneer, steel, acrylic, glass, and dry erase boards, to cork boards, and more. Plus, Stem has a modular design so it can grow with your company. You can easily add or reconfigure Stem “cells” at any time!


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