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Herman Miller Cubicle Accessories – San Diego Style

If you believe it’s the little touches that make a workspace truly comfortable and inspiring, you will love Herman Miller’s line of cubicle accessories. San Diego employees can express their personal style and tune into their creative side with these quirky yet serviceable items. Here are some inviting extras to surprise your staff members with:

LED Leaf Lamp

Cubicle Accessories LampThis task light is called the Leaf, but it looks more like the articulated front leg of a praying mantis. The cherry red color belies the cool surface of this lamp. Unlike traditional LEDs, this one is fully touchable – so you can adjust the angle and position without turning it off and waiting for it to cool. The intensity of the light can be adjusted with the touch of a finger at the lamp base. Besides the brightness, the tone of the illumination can be changed from warm to cool. This makes it the perfect lighting tool to match or alter your mood at work.

Wood Panels

Cubicle ScreenNot everyone can have a luxurious, wood paneled executive office. But, your average employee can enjoy the privacy and beauty of an expandable wood privacy screen. This hinged structure is 68” high and can extend up to 60” long. Its U-shaped segments create a flowing, undulating effect even as they help the screen remain remarkably stable. This design dates back to the 1940s and has been updated with modern connective materials while retaining the original natural surface. Wood veneers are available in several varieties including ash, walnut, and cherry to match your office cubicles.

Climate Control

Climate Control DeviceIn warm weather, a desk fan is one of the most well loved cubicle accessories. San Diego employees can access cooler air that is also cleaner with Herman Miller’s C2 climate control device. This personal air filter and fan plugs into a wall outlet. It has an auto turn off function, so you don’t have to worry about workers wasting power by accidentally leaving their fan on after hours.


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