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Healthy Offices Require Healthy Foods

Have you seen the recent blog post at Arnold’s Office Furniture about how a few New York employers are creating healthy offices? They aren’t just stocking the vending machines with Kashi granola bars. They’re having fresh, organic produce delivered directly from the farm to the cubicle. Employees who enroll in the coop program can pick up their veggies at work instead of at the grocery store on the way home. They can also turn to each other for help when they have no clue what to do with five pounds of turnip greens.

The US isn’t the only country that cares about what employees are eating. Canada is well ahead of the curve when it comes to helping employers promote healthy food choices at the office. Their equivalent of OSHA has a web page devoted to the topic. It includes advice for how to evaluate the level of interest in healthy eating at work as well as sample program topics and much more. Check out their list of best foods for meetings, snacking, and overtime here.


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