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Haworth Task Chair is Very Comfortable

Haworth has announced the newest member of the Very Chair family. The Very Task continues the design legacy of the various side chairs, conference chairs, and stacking chairs already in the collection. Of course, there’s more to it since a task chair needs plenty of bells and whistles. It’s the definition of fully customizable with 4-way moveable arms, seat tilt, depth, and tension adjustments. Like the Zody by Haworth, the Very Task also features the one-of-a-kind asymmetrical lumbar support that allows the user to independently adjust the level of support provided on each side of the spine. You can read about why Haworth chose to create this function on page 6 of this white paper.  All the Very needs now is seat warming and massage options.

In addition to being a thought leader regarding certain aspects of seating ergonomics, Haworth is also proving to be pretty savvy when it comes to leveraging social networking to advertise. The company just finished up a photo contest complete with Very side chairs as the prizes. Some contestants got Very Creative – even photo-shopping a famous performer into the chair with the caption “Very Manilow”.


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