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Haworth Cubicles: Premise May Be A Good Place To Start

The Premise line of Haworth cubicles features a deceptively simple design. However, the clean lines hide the fact that this is actually a very versatile system. With stackable panel tiles, it is possible to create dividers to separate workspaces at either seated or standing height. Or, they can reach all the way to the ceiling for complete enclosure. The manufacturer encourages employers to include multiple panel heights and varied materials (such as fabric, laminate, wood, and glass) to add visual interest to the office landscape.

The structure of the 3” thick panels is designed to accommodate cabling horizontally and vertically with access at several different heights. These Haworth cubicles are also advertised as being the first to include locking storage areas as standard for all workstations. This permits employees to store personal items or sensitive work documents securely. The system also features an elevated profile so that air can flow freely under the bottom edge of the panels. Translucent canopies can be added up top for additional privacy while still permitting adequate light to reach the interior of the cubicles.


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