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Have You Considered A Curved Cubicle Panel?

A flat cubicle panel is definitely the norm – whether you go for a box shaped or hexagonal “honeycomb” layout. However, there are also a few manufacturers offering panels that are gently curved to give workstations a softer contour. These can make an employee’s workspace feel more like a cocoon and less like a cage. The materials used in curved panels are typically semi-translucent which makes them a good compromise between clear and opaque options. You get privacy and ambient light penetration in the same package with curved office cubicles.

The roll down screens from Herman Miller’s Resolve collection pictured in the diagram above are just one example. Their Canvas Office Landscape design has flat panels with rounded corners for a more traditional look. You can also assemble RiZe curved cubicle panels made from polycarbonate in steel frames. Or, you might choose lightweight aluminum and PVC partitions. These can be connected end to end to create an S shaped wall and divide a large office area into smaller quadrants.


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