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A Guide to Office Chairs: Understanding the Differences in COE’s Catalog

guide to office chairs by cubicles office environments in San Diego CaliforniaNo matter your profession, you should be able to take a few seconds during the day to sit back and relax. Enjoy our guide to office chairs.

Those few delicious moments can serve as a quick rejuvenation, or at least time enough to offer your mind some respite as your office chair welcomes you into temporary bliss.

But, as we’ve discovered during our decades of experience, all chairs are not created equal. You know the principle well; nearly office has a few of those odd, outcast chairs everyone tries to avoid when they walk into the break room.

Comfort is king when it comes to office chairs. Lobbies, executive offices, cubicles; the location doesn’t matter as much as the chair that’s put there.

But choosing that chair, we admit, can be a confusing thing. Do lobby chairs need to provide the same ergonomic support as exec chairs? Is it every okay to opt for the cheapest option as opposed to the sturdiest?

Each chair we offer meets a different need.

Executive Chairs: Status and Support

There was a time when executive chairs were, for the most part, very similar. Status was incorporated into the design. They tended to be bigger and more lavish than what you’d see in the cubicle-laden maze of desks where non-managers worked.

However, while exec chairs still tend to be larger and more imposing than the usual office chairs, more and more execs are seeking to break down power structures by opting for everyman chairs and desks.

Our executive chairs focus on simple visual design and premium support and comfort. As an example, we carry 22 different colors and/or styles of chairs from industry leader PCF. Each model provides nuanced ergonomic support for the back, legs and head.

Executives are busy men and women and, as a result, they probably don’t spend as much time in their chairs as their employees. Keep that in mind as you talk with us about finding the right chairs, as our task chairs are specifically designed for prolonged heavy-duty use – eight to 10 hours a day.

Task Chairs: The Workhorses of the Office

In most cases, if you aren’t an exec and you’ve got a cubicle in the main workspace, you’re going to be in your chair most of the day. Therefore, you need an office chair that’s rated for that type of intense, day-in and day-out workload.

You’ll notice that task chairs don’t offer the same first-impression swagger that exec chairs do and that’s because they two types of chairs serve different purposes.

Most of what you’ll see in our task chair catalog are chairs that have a five-wheel base and a back support that goes up your back about halfway. The lumber support on these chairs is formidable.

Adjustments include height, depth of lumbar support and armrest height.

Conference Chairs: Similar to Exec Chairs

Conference rooms are meant to be a place where big ideas germinate and heavy hitters close important deals. As a result, many of the conference room chairs you see will reflect a mix of motives. They’ve got the power aura that you see in exec chairs and the comfortability and support you’ll find in task chairs.

In this sense, they’re one of the more unique offerings you’ll find on our site because they have a pleasant mix of form and function. Our conference chairs section is where you’ll find PCF’s handsome version of the Eames office chair.

Guest Chairs: Simple and Utilitarian

The chairs you reserve for guests are usually the ones you tuck into the lobby or reception area. Most companies choose guest chairs on the lower end of the price scale; comfort is not a high priority.

They are, after all, intended for brief use and are more of a waypoint between someone’s arrival and destination.

We challenge you to rethink this mentality, if not for any other reason than the fact that your lobby/reception area is, visually speaking, the first impression your company provides to a client or visitor.

As you browse our guest chairs, you’ll notice many of the designs are less inspiring than what you’d see with executive, task or conference chairs. There are exceptions, though. For example, OSP offers a white, chrome-accented version of the Eames office chair that features a beautiful design and premium comfort.

If you’ve read through this guide and feel like you need more insight into how to choose the best office chairs for your workspace, then contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a free consultation.


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