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Green Tips for Office Furniture, San Marcos Ride Sharing, and More

As an eco-friendly office furniture company, we are always looking for ways to help our clientele go green. The Sierra Club’s Greener Life blog has a great list of 10 tips for creating a more sustainable work environment. This includes uploading employee manuals and other policy documents to your intranet site so they can be viewed in PDF format. San Marcos Ride Sharing

Other helpful pointers include ways to reduce the use of toxins in manufacturing and their presence in your office. The Sierra Club recommends that businesses purchase chlorine free paper and low VOC office furniture. San Marcos commuters can also take advantage of ride share opportunities.

What makes for a good carpooling experience? Picking reliable participants helps – don’t be afraid to ask for personal references. Setting ground rules such as how long the driver will wait outside each rider’s house is also important. So is finding out if your ride partners like to chat in the mornings when you are still trying to wake up. Finally, reaching a fair agreement regarding splitting responsibilities and gas costs will keep bickering to a minimum.


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