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Government Employee Sells Hot Office Furniture

This office furniture scandal is a little unusual. It isn’t about what government employees bought – it’s about what one of them sold. Apparently, an individual with access to excess office furniture used in Senate offices thought he’d make a quick buck by selling items to a local used furniture dealer. The stolen items were identified based on markings on the furniture. About $13,700 worth of stolen furniture was located and recovered. The employee accused of the theft claims to have made only about 1 grand from selling the items to the office furniture store. Since the worker resigned and the office where he worked had inadequate inventory control and security protocols, no charges are being filed.

It does make you wonder what the office furniture store was thinking when they bought the hot merchandise. When a dealer buys used furniture, it’s smart to make sure the person doing the selling is actually authorized to enter into that kind of transaction!


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