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Good News for Teknion’s “Good Designs”

2011 ended well for Teknion Corporation. They received recognition in the Good Design Competition (sponsored by major US and European museums) for a couple of product lines: Dossier and MAST. The jury for this competition handed out about 500 awards. But there were thousands of entries which still makes the distinction of being a winner meaningful. Over the past 8 years, Teknion has been the recipient of Good Design Awards for innovation, creativity, and sustainability 15 times. Here’s a brief look at the company’s most recent winning designs:


This collection of private office furniture is built around casegoods. This makes it flexible enough to fill any size of office and provide plenty of storage room in the process.

Instead of having a standalone desk that dominates the room, the worksurface blends with the casegoods for a single, cohesive look. At the same time, the wood laminate finish and sleek hardware details still give the office an impressive sense of style. If you walk into an office outfitted with Dossier, you get the sense that this is a space where real work gets done.


This monitor arm is a far cry from the clunky models that first entered the marketplace. The shiny, futuristic central post or mast can support one or two full sized flat screen computer monitors. Users can adjust the screen up or down, left and right, angled in or out, and near or far for ideal ergonomic viewing. There’s no need to bring a toolkit to make these changes – every adjustment feature is built in for ease of use.

The MAST collection could be ideal for picky workers who demand the best. At the same time, Teknion doesn’t discriminate about what type of monitor the MAST can hold. Its universal design apparently meshes with all of today’s popular flat screen brands. Even better, these arms aren’t just for traditional monitors. They can also hold more current technology such as tablets.


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