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Good NeoCon Results For Knoll – On the Surface!

Plenty of the “big boys” at NeoCon walked away with top prizes for office furniture. But Knoll has things “covered” from a different angle. This company really shone in the textile category, earning gold and silver awards for 2 new fabric collections.

KnollTextiles’ Vista (designed by Dorothy Cosonas) received gold recognition. This line is made up of 5 fabrics designed for healthcare settings. It includes privacy curtains and high-performance upholstery textiles. The Bloom design comes in a variety of pastel colors from peach to periwinkle with a dense cluster of print at the border that opens out into a serene pattern of falling petals. Upholstery fabrics like Grandview blend high and low sheen yarns in rich colors for a deeply textured effect.

The Ink collection received the Silver award for wall coverings. These graphically printed textiles look like a blend between modern art and a biology experiment. The Drip series has a certain Pollock-esque quality while the Drop pattern looks like hugely magnified pollen or bacteria. Designer Abbott Miller says the inspiration for these patterns came from playing around with the movement of ink on paper.


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