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Good Design Awards for Office Supplies

Good design doesn’t just apply to big stuff like office chairs and worksurfaces. It’s also evident in the little things that make your job easier. Here are a few of the office products that got the “Good Design 2011” nod for streamlining repetitive tasks that require excellent tools for organization and productivity.

Pebble Dispensers

We could all use this kind of pet rock at work. Choose your brightly colored Scotch tape or Post-It dispenser from the Pebble collection. These weighted supply holders make one-hand dispensing a snap. At less than $15 for both pieces, these are something every office worker can afford. Say goodbye to boring black and tan dispensers and embrace the vibrant future.

Inukshuk Object

These stone sculptures were traditionally used by the Inuit people as markers to deliver messages, signify special locations, or point the right direction for travelers. This miniature stone replica serves a different purpose – it’s magnetized to hold paperclips. One translation of the word “Inukshuk” is “Someone was here”. So, why not mark your desk with this symbol to make it your own.

Ultra Correction Tape

Have you ever made a beautiful mistake? It deserves its own special whiteout product! These dryliners are designed for years of use – they’re readily refillable. Plus, they are designed for ease of use by right and left-handed employees. You don’t have to worry about a smelly, sticky mess with this correction product. You don’t even have to worry about the dryline tape getting pulled out accidentally. There’s a travel cap that protects the tip.

Jobclock Hornet

Has your payroll department felt the sting of inaccurate or tardy timekeeping? Do you have multiple worksites – but only one time clock at your central location? The Jobclock Hornet is portable so workers can clock in and out from any site. This information is transmitted to Payroll every hour so there’s no scramble to collect paper timesheets at the end of the week. Just recharge the 30 day battery once a month to keep the Hornet buzzing.


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