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Good Design Awards for Office Furniture 1

Teknion isn’t the only office furniture company that received recognition at the 2011 Good Design competition. This series will explore a few other notable brands/products that received awards:


This ergonomic chair design from Germany has some very interesting features. In addition to the procomfort-synchromechanism (the seat and back moving together for maximum support), the chair also has adjustable seat pressure. Users can change the amount of air in the seat pad to match their preferred comfort level and body type. The “air mattress” style seat can conform to shifting pressure points on the seat’s surface. The goal is to keep the user comfortable – and promote a healthy, upright sitting posture. At the same time, the Moteo seat is slightly mobile from side to side to create a dynamic, responsive seating experience. Wait, there’s more! You can read a full ergonomics testing report here.


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