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Glass Cubicle Dividers

Today’s leading panel system manufacturers all have one thing in common – they know customers want more transparency in the workplace. Cubicle dividers made of glass permit more light to enter into individual workspaces and keep employees from feeling to cut off from their coworkers. So, virtually all of the top cubicle companies now offer several collections that can be fitted with glass panels. Here is a selection to give you an idea of the variety of options available:

Teknion Transit

You can add or remove tiles at any time with this stacked panel style. Teknion refers to the glass tiles as Glazed Elements. These panes are lightly frosted to increase privacy while still permitting excellent light penetration. Metal and glass architectural components and cubicle doors are also available from this manufacturer.

Maxon Parallel

This is another set of cubicles that can be built up in panel segments. The example shown here has the glass tile sandwiched between two fabric finished tiles for a “window” effect. You can also put the glass segment at the top for an airy impression. Maxon ships its glass panels with an eye toward shatter resistance. They use tempered glass that can safely withstand initial transportation and subsequent daily usage in an office environment.

Haworth Compose

Haworth created its glass cubicle dividers with employee comfort in mind. They recommend stacking a 24” glass tile on a 34” panel for a well lit environment and a clear view of the office area for seated workers. Or, you can select a taller bottom panel so that the glass only provides a view into other workstations from a standing position.

Herman Miller My Studio

In addition to standard clear glass panels, the My Studio collection also features curved, frosted outer walls. These provide a 360 degree glazed cocoon that provides a spacious feeling. This design can contribute to the accumulation of LEED credits. Transparent materials allow you to increase the amount of natural daylight used to illuminate your workspace.

Steelcase Montage

The cubicle dividers shown here for Steelcase are unique in that they are completely frameless. These low profile panel toppers are reminiscent of lovely sea glass that has been etched by the ocean. They delineate workspaces without detracting from a collaborative environment.


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