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At, you can find out what hidden treasures may be lying around your home office. It turns out, if you know how to price and sell old items properly, you could net over 3 grand. Popular items to resell include cell phones and other electronics. Even used ink cartridges could bring a couple of bucks in store credit at popular office supply retailers. Imagine how much more you could rake in if you had a whole corporate office full of obsolete equipment! It’s not just the older printers and copiers that can be converted into cash. Used office furniture is one of the biggest moneymakers. If the pieces are in good condition (functional without too much obvious wear and tear), we’ll offer you cash on the barrel for your chairs, cubicles, desks, filing cabinets, and much more. Don’t waste precious space on stuff you don’t use. We’ll prove it pays to clean out your office.


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