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Get Fit with Office Chair Exercise Accessories

The sit-to-stand trend is only one way for people to get in a workout at work. Office chair exercise accessories allow employees to enjoy movement while they stay seated. Here are three pieces of equipment that can transform a traditional workstation into a miniature fitness center.

What’s Under Your Desk?

The “Cubii” from Fitness Cubed was just introduced at NeoCon 2014. Unlike bulky treadmill desks that take up a lot of space, this compact elliptical trainer actually fits under a regular office desk. The designers seem to have thought of everything when it comes to being office-friendly. The unit is small enough that it can be operated without bumping the user’s knees into the underside of the desk. It’s apparently pretty quiet as well, so coworkers won’t be disturbed by sound or movement. The resistance level can be adjusted to provide a better calorie burn and muscle toning. Finally, the machine can be synced via Bluetooth to a mobile app integrated with popular fitness trackers like Fitbit. The company is taking pre-orders now.

Come on Workers, Step N’ Tone!

This under desk exercise unit offers a cardio workout and builds arm strength. It’s good for keeping blood circulating in the lower extremities, working the abs, and toning the upper body. Office employees can take a break from typing, talking, and stepping and push back to give the resistance bands a try. There are a variety of different exercises that can target the shoulders, arms, and back. This unit weighs only 8 pounds, has rubber tubing to provide 3 resistance levels, and incorporates an electronic monitor to track usage.

Strap This to Your Chair and Take Off

Meet the Office Gym. This piece of equipment probably has the least imaginative name, but it’s got some serious chops. If you can manage to get the device installed on the back of your chair, you’re ready for the real fitness challenge to begin. This unit is designed to work your upper back, abs, and arms with a huge variety of movements. The U-shaped tube that holds the resistance bands can be positioned up or down to double the number of available exercises.

Do these devices inspire you to incorporate more exercise into your day? Let us know your favorite “office chair exercise routine” in the comments.


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