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Furnishing A Tiny Office (Or Cubicle)

Blogger sjennings at Arnolds Office Furniture always has great photo roundups showing offices that meet specific criteria. Recently, this included a set of truly tiny offices. Some were cluttered and cramped, while others were pretty cute. The post included some helpful tips for using a smaller office space wisely. Be sure to check those out here.

Now, here are a few more ideas for what kind of office furniture to use in a mini-office. These also work for cubicles:

  • Pick a workstation with an overhead bin so the area above your worksurface isn’t wasted
  • Install an under desk keyboard tray and an articulated monitor arm to free up desktop space for printers and other peripherals
  • Look for a chair with arms that can be adjusted downward so the chair will fit in the leg hole of your desk when not in use
  • Consider using a corner desk that has a shelf for your hard drive to align all the essentials in one area of your workspace
  • Use a mobile storage pedestal with a padded top to serve as occasional seating as needed
  • If you’re using dividing panels, choose those that have tackable or white board sections incorporated into the design so they serve multiple purposes.

What other ways would you save space through your selection of office furniture? Let us know in the comments.


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