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Funny Cubicle Signs & Pictures to Decorate Your Office With

Most of the time when people hear the word “cubicle,” they think of stereotypes of boring company offices popularized in comedy movies like Office Space. But office furniture and cubicles don’t have to be drab, ugly, plain or depressing. Here are some funny cubicle signs and pictures you can hang up on around the office or even just use as a humorous screen saver to decorate your cubicle.

3 Funny Office Decorations & Cubicle Pictures to Hang Up at Work

Most funny cubicle signs and posters poke fun and make jokes about how boring office life can sometimes be. Wouldn’t you rather be any place other than the office on a Friday afternoon, or any afternoon for that matter? Funny Cubical Signs & Pictures to Decorate Your Office WithThese comical cubicle pictures will break up the monotony in your office space. Here are three for your enjoyment, then you have to get back to work!

This hilarious cubicle picture features a funny quote that reads, “Nothing messes up your Friday like realizing it’s only Tuesday!” You and your coworkers are sure to get a laugh out of this sign, even if it may just serve to remind you that it’s not Friday yet…

Funny Office Decorations This funny office decoration will surely increase the humor in your cubicle. The humorous sign for your office reads, “ALWAYS SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU BY ORDER OF THE MANAGEMENT” and pokes fun at how strict, overly polite and formal the office environment can sometimes be. Maybe this funny cubicle picture will help lighten the mood around the work place a little bit.

Funny Cubicle Signs & Pictures to Decorate Your Office With The magazine The New Yorker is known for its sometimes cryptic sense of humor, but this black and white cubicle sign is funny, if you can just figure out what the joke is (remember that Seinfeld episode?). By the time you figure it out, the work day will be over!

Hanging some funny pictures inspired by office cubicles may make work a little less boring. Sometimes it can cheer you up just to not have to stare at a blank wall from 9 to 5. Funny cubicle pictures also make good birthday gifts for employees and coworkers!

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