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Fun Facts: Telemarketing Cubicle Art

When most people talk about telemarketing cubicle art, they are referring to a print or poster you can put in your cube to make it more visually interesting. However, there is another kind of artwork that has to do with the modern, enclosed workstation. Simon Currell is a British artist who brings his creative talent to bear on this seemingly mundane topic.

Currell’s piece “In Out Again” features a row of identical cubes with overhead fluorescents shining their stark light over the commoditized workplace environment. Simon’s says he draws inspiration from his own experience as a call center employee. Art aficionados will no doubt find the repetitious nature of these telemarketing cubicle images reminiscent of Warhol’s famous soup can painting. The whole Currell collection is brilliant, so take a moment to browse – just don’t get lost in the maze!


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