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Fun Facts: Space Saving Cubicle Design

56 Tiny desk chairHave you ever started work at a new company and found yourself the butt of a practical joke? The comments raged fast and furious over on Flickr when a user posted a photo of a tiny cubicle design created for an intern’s first day of work. This miniature workspace is wedged between a column and a low wall. The flat surface is just wide enough to fit a monitor. The makeshift chair is constructed of a stack of half a dozen reams of paper. In a nod to ergonomics, a cushion is balanced on top to make it more comfortable.

Is it genius? Is it evil? Perhaps it is simply evil genius. The opinions of the commentators fall into 3 basic categories:

  • The pranksters should be ashamed for being mean and for having too much time on their hands
  • This joke is hilarious and hopefully the intern has a good sense of humor
  • That looks like my first desk when I worked at (fill in the blank) corporation

Fortunately, employers really don’t have to take office space planning to this type of extreme. They can simply contact Cubicles Office Environments for a no-charge consultation about how to make the most of what they have.


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