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Fun Facts: Feng Shui For Call Center Cubicles?

49Feng Shui RocksDid you know that a Google search for cubicle Feng Shui delivers over 69,000 results? There’s even a “for Dummies” article on the topic. That’s a testament to all the office employees who are looking for alternative ways to make their workspace more inspiring. So, if you want tips for ways to improve the flow of Chi in call center cubicles, a quick trip online will provide plenty of ideas.

Some of the suggestions are obvious common sense such as keeping clutter to a minimum to encourage focus. Ergonomics also blends well with this ancient science – for example, good lighting is an essential part of both workplace design and Feng Shui. Other tips tie in to human psychology (don’t sit with your back to the opening of your cube or you will feel nervous).

Then, it becomes a little more esoteric with tools like the Bagua map that divide your cubicle or your worksurface into 9 squares – each representing a different aspect of your life. Want to experience greater work/life balance? Put a framed photo of your family in the top right corner of your desk. That’s the area that represents relationships.

All in all, Feng Shui offers a fascinating way to tap into your creative side. It can help remake call center cubicles into environments that promote productivity rather than stress and boredom.


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