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Fun Facts About Cubicles: San Marcos City Charter

In 1964, Robert Probst invented the concept of the cubicle. San Marcos, CA was incorporated just one year prior to this turning point in office furniture history. Some 30 years later (in 1994), San Marcos became a chartered city. A review of the charter offers an intriguing glimpse into those topics the city council thought important enough to address in this critical document. For example, there is a section on licensing public dance venues for teenagers. There is also a whole chapter devoted to curtailing what is described as an “alarming incidence” of avocado thefts within the city limits.

There are also regulations governing the structure of certain types of cubicles. San Marcos businesses (such as massage parlors and fitness facilities) that contain cubicles for patron’s use must have adequate ventilation. This can be provided directly by an HVAC vent or a window. Otherwise, the cubes can’t have partitions that extend more than 75% of the way from the floor to the ceiling. That’s the law!

Stay tuned for more cubicle fun facts in the future.


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