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Fun Facts About Cubicles: Del Mar Offices Host Unseen Intruders

OK, so this is more of a gross fact than a fun fact about cubicles. Del Mar office spaces are often plagued with uninvited guests called dust mites. These tiny arthropods feed on flakes of skin that humans shed on a daily basis. Dust mites tend to accumulate in bedding because that’s where people spend 8 hours a night.

Guess where office workers spend 8 hours a day? Sitting in a cubicle at work. The fabric surfaces of a standard cube panel are porous. They accumulate dust and become infested with colonies of mites over time. So does office carpet and upholstered seating. A significant percentage of the population is allergic to airborne dust mite droppings (yuck!) These allergens contribute to ongoing respiratory health problems in the workplace.

To reduce the mite population in your office, use a vacuum attachment to remove dust from your cube panels. Some fabrics may be cleaned with a gentle detergent. Do a spot check first to determine the color fastness of your cubicles. Del Mar carpet and upholstery cleaning companies that serve commercial clients can help you with stain removal. Steam clean any fabric surfaces that are resilient enough to withstand the heat and moisture.


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