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From Darlene in San Diego – Cubicles and Daily Survival

47 HelpDo you have to cope with spending 40+ hours a week in cube farm? You’ll enjoy these helpful “survival” tips compiled by Darlene – a blogger from San Diego. Cubicles don’t have to create the cramped, uncomfortable work environment depicted in Dilbert cartoons if you and your coworkers make an effort to get along. A lot of it just boils down to being polite.

Darlene reminds readers that no one wants to hear every detail of your home life. Keep private conversations private by restricting them to break time when you can pop outside and use your cell phone. Besides noise, she also recommends being careful what your coworkers see (risqué artwork is a no-no) and what they smell (keep your lunch choices bland). For more insightful and funny advice, read the whole post.


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