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Flat Office Furniture Sales Numbers Are Good for Customers

It shouldn’t shock you to learn that predictions about the future of the economy aren’t always right. Heck, you can’t even get a weather report that’s accurate more than a few hours out. So, it comes as no surprise that BIFMA has updated its projections for 2012. A modest increase was anticipated in new office furniture sales for this year. But it looks like things are going to remain pretty flat after last year’s bump. The industry’s biggest players are experiencing mixed fortunes, some are a little up and others a little down.

What does this mean for business consumers? Slow or no growth makes this a buyers’ market for commercial office furniture. Dealers and manufacturers will be looking to make large volume sales to boost their numbers going into 2013. This makes 2012 a good time to start the office revamp process. You don’t actually have to take delivery right away. Just get your order in soon (the high end new office furniture often has a substantial lead time anyway). If you do your research, you can even determine which companies are looking at a poor quarter for earnings. Pricing for these brands of furniture might be particularly soft – especially if you are looking to buy in bulk.

What about smaller projects? Or, what if your own business is slowing down and the funds to buy new furniture just aren’t going to come through? Fortunately, the current state of the economy means liquidated office furniture is readily available. Whether you need a full fleet of refurbished cubicles or just a few pre-owned chairs and a conference table that are still in excellent condition, you can certainly find what you need in the local office furniture market.  Check out our used office furniture page for the latest deals!


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