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Five Ways To A Gamer’s Cubicle

Game systems have come a long way and have changed for the better in graphics, concepts, and relation to the world. When you have games that you enjoy and want to show others about, you find a way to express them through posters, mobile applications, websites, action figures and more. If you’re an employee who wants to bring this theme into your day-to-day job, you need to find a way to make the boring office cubicle into an expression of your favorite titles, while not going overboard. Here are five ideas that will stimulate your creativity for the office cubicle.

Hang A Poster

Posters are a great way to show the gamer inside without causing much issue. Of course you need to make sure the poster is appropriate, but otherwise put it up. Also, try not to occupy too much space that you might need. Posters are also something you can rotate frequently like when new games come out, or expansions are released. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a single poster, put up a few of them, the more variety the better.

Non-Interactive Action Figures

Almost every gamer likes to have an action figure relating to their favorite characters and there are plenty of places to put them without making your area cluttered. Definitely be careful not to get one that causes distraction for the office. You and your coworkers can still appreciate your character just as well. Be careful with figures as they could get stolen overnight, so make sure you secure them.

Screen Savers/Desktop Background

This is one of my favorites because if you’re worried about your company being a little more strict on the topic, then these are very discreet ideas. Some of the backgrounds that get released for games are cool, some even cooler than posters and other media. For PC games, you can even take a live screen shot and use it as a desktop background. Hey another cool idea, take a favorite screenshot and make it into a poster!

Custom Mouse Pad

We’ve all used boring mouse pads and they are just dull and plain. Order a customized mouse pad to represent your favorite titles or even a display. This would be another discreet idea that management will probably not even notice or care about. There are also specialty mouse in the market today that comes in gaming themes to match that ubercool mouse pad.

Miscellaneous Objects/Creative Concepts

Alright, here’s the fun part. For me, if I was wealthy enough to go to BlizzCon, then I would bring assorted memorabilia or even the ticket voucher from the event. If you want something totally discreet, go for a plane ticket that took you to the event. You have a lot of possibilities with this one, maybe create your own poster. Have fun, make an original one-of-a-kind item!

There are plenty of ways to make your office cubicle more exciting and even cooler to others. Gaming websites will typically be able to provide you with most of what you could use, but original and creative pieces are cool too. There’s no contest in this, so just be yourself. If you’re not an artist, like myself, then you can ask someone to make something creative for you. These are just some examples, the possibilities are endless to making your cubicle a gamer’s fantasy.

Author Bio:

Kevin Bouche is a gamer that has played World of Warcraft for over four years and now manages his own level 25 guild.


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