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Five Benefits Of Using Systems Furniture In Your Office

Deciding on the type of furniture that best suits your office space in terms of size and shape is only part of the equation. It must also provide your employees with a productive and comfortable place to work. In the past, that meant a private office with a solitary desk, chair and extra storage furniture. Today, most offices have moved away from that model and moved towards a more modern approach. Systems furniture is more common for several reasons, however, in this post, we’ll discuss the top five benefits.

A Collaborative Environment

When employees have no barriers between them, they are better able to communicate with one another while working on projects. The biggest benefit of this style is that team members are able to have informal meetings anytime it’s necessary during the work day. In the past, each person would have to make their way to a meeting room at a special time. It’s more efficient for the team to discuss and work at the same time.

More Prime Seating

In the past, a corner office, or one with a view was a big deal in an office building. With open plan offices, there are still prime locations, but, in reality, there are many more of them. When more people have a good view, there is less competition and a greater sense of belonging among employees working in the same department. It’s also easier for managers to supervise employees to make sure that everyone is being productive.

Easily Re-Configurable

Your business has changed over the years and it’s only fair to assume that it will continue to do so. You may have more, or fewer employees. There is a stronger need for collaboration at times, and a greater need for privacy at others. Systems furniture can quickly and easily be altered to suit your needs and the space in just a few minutes. That means there’s no down-time to wait for new furniture delivery. The changes are so fast that there’s no real affect on your workforce.

Energy Efficient

Open office floor plans allow more people to work in a smaller space using less furniture. The benefits of this type of set-up is that it requires less energy to produce adequate lighting, heating and cooling. In addition, the business leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint. With systems furniture, low barriers allow sunlight to illuminate the space and contribute to the heating in colder months. Individual offices, however, take up more space, need more furniture and are extremely inefficient in terms of heating and cooling.

Cost Effective

Real estate is extremely expensive and it’s much more cost-effective for a business to rent or buy a smaller space to house their work force. In addition, buying a desk and other furniture for every employee is a huge expense. Systems furniture is less expensive and you need fewer pieces to accommodate more people. When they’re not in use, they are easily dismantled and stored flat. With traditional furniture, you need a separate storage area to house unused pieces.

If you have questions about systems furniture and how it can benefit your business, contact us. Take advantage of our free space planning and design consultation services to develop a configuration that will work best for you and your staff.



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