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Find Your Ethos With Herman Miller Systems Furniture

42 ethospace_4Ethospace is a Herman Miller systems furniture option for businesses that care. You can express a lot about your organization’s core values with the furnishings you choose for the work environment. Partnering with HM says quite a few things about your company’s “ethos”.


This is where the Ethospace collection really shines. If you are interested in creating partnerships with vendors who practice sustainability, Herman Miller is one of the top contenders. This manufacturer is currently making excellent progress toward its 2020 goal of eliminating hazardous waste creation, landfill use, and VOC emissions from its production process. Here’s what you currently get when you source products from HM:

  • Furniture made from 52% recycled content (31% post-consumer)
  • End of life recyclability of up to 78% of components
  • Solid wood and veneers sourced from sustainable forestry suppliers
  • Particle board substrates made from 90-100% reclaimed sawdust
  • Textiles available in 100% recycled synthetic fiber options
  • Returnable and/or reusable packaging used in shipping whenever possible

Worker Health & Safety

Herman Miller systems furniture is manufactured in the U.S. This employer claims that it takes workplace OSHA standards seriously and this is reflected in their products. Ethospace is certified by GREENGUARD® as a low VOC emitting product. This means it won’t negatively impact the indoor air quality in your office. Autophoretic coating is used on the steel wall frames. Wood composite work surfaces are powder coated with a polyester based finish to prevent off gassing.

Modern Flexibility

42 ethospace_10Although this collection was first introduced in 1985, you can still build on an original Ethospace installation using the latest components. The frame and tile system lets you update the look and feel of your office space with minimal disruption.

Incorporate 120 and 135 degree angles to create modern honeycomb and collaborative workspaces alongside traditional cubicles. Ultra-high cabling capacity and off module design for add-on components guarantee that your Herman Miller systems furniture can keep up with any changes you want to make.


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