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Feng Shui in the Office

From selling wholesale supplies to working in retail, your office is an important part of your business’s productivity and success. Today, the use of Feng Shui has become a popular option in design and decor. While this ancient Chinese practice creates a stylish design, it also helps balance energy to enhance creativity and productivity. If you are considering a new design for your office, this guide for the basics of Feng Shui can help.
The overall layout of your office furniture is a key part of your office’s Feng Shui. To get started, be sure your desk is a focal point of your space. While many people purchase a large desk, this may overwhelm the area. Consider a smaller, attractive desk. When placing your desk, be sure your back is not facing the office door. It should be located so your desk and office chair face the main door to your office or cubicle. According to Feng Shui, this allows you to see more opportunities in your workplace. If it’s not possible to move your desk, position a mirror in your space so it reflects the front door opening of your office.

Remove all clutter from your office. This will involve purchasing other pieces of office furniture to organize and store documents and other belongings. Store important documents and files in specialized filing cabinets that offer a neat, organized space. Work through the drawers and cabinets of your desk. Trash or recycle unwanted papers and items to remove the clutter from your office and your life.
A clean space is an imperative part of Feng Shui, but this may seem impossible when utilizing multiple electronics with wires and power cords. Use wireless devices whenever possible. As an alternative to a desktop computer and telephone, use a laptop and smartphone to prevent multiple cords and a great deal of bulk. When arranging your computer, place it in the Western or Northern part of your office to become more creative. Or for increased income and profit, arrange your desk in the Southeastern part of your office.
Decorative Accessories
Feng Shui centers around nature. To incorporate nature into your workplace, consider an aquarium to promote creativity and instill peace. Add fish to your aquarium that are easy to maintain and offer an attractive look. In addition, arrange flowers and plants around your office to relax your body and mind.

Yin and yang ensures your life is balanced and this is another key component of Feng Shui. For your office or cubicle, balance light, color, and texture properly. Use paint, light fixtures and lamps, rugs, and window treatments to offer this balance.
Your office space will be creative, appealing, and productive when bringing in proper office furniture and decor that center around Feng Shui.


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