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Exotic Woods For Executive Desks

Are you planning to have an executive desk custom-made from scratch for your office? Tried and true materials like maple, mahogany, walnut, cherry, and oak are all good choices. But if you pick a traditional wood, you really need to go above and beyond with the architecture of the desk to make it unique. Another possibility is choosing exotic lumber that brings its own character to your desk – using the rest of the design to showcase the wood itself. The example at the top of this post is curly myrtle slabs under glass tops from It’s a great example of how you can use a piece of wood of any shape to make a desk. Here are two more of the many exotic woods you might want to consider:


This is a highly sought after wood in the Hawaiian cabinetry and furniture trade. It stains to a rich golden or red color that highlights the shimmering quality of the tiger striped grain. This is a fast growing hardwood that is similar in quality to walnut. A full desk veneered in koa would definitely be eye-catching.

Padauk – Amboyna Burl

This highly figured burl is from the Narra tree in Eastern Asia and Africa. It’s swirling design is captivating and deeply colored (reddish orange or purple). The rich natural hue of this wood means it can be finished with or without a stain. Padauk is known for its resistance to warping or decay.


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