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Executive Office Furniture: San Diego VIPs Might Crave This Desk

Most companies like to brag about their low prices. However, the Parnian Furniture company is proud to tell customers that it builds the world’s most expensive executive office furniture. San Diego CEOs and VPs who have earned a hefty bonus this year might still find Parnian’s signature $200k desk out of their price range. But perhaps they could buy it and claim it as a business expense! If you try this approach at your job, just make sure your golden parachute is working in case you get canned for misusing funds.

Each desk is lovingly hand crafted from multiple varieties of exotic wood and given a brilliant finish. Custom glass and other details can also be added at the client’s request. The manufacturer suggests this type of desk for high octane professionals who regularly close multi-million dollar deals. If the sales people at Parnian can convince people to buy a “power desk” this expensive, perhaps they know what they’re talking about. For most of us, more modestly priced office furniture can send any desired message about authority, creativity, and responsibility without breaking the bank.


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