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Executive desks, a critical working and relational business tool

Executive desks are an investment that has a decisive influence on the success of your business. Indeed, they’re both a working and relational tool. How to choose the executive desk that best fits your business and your role in your company is an essential part of your efficiency. Sometimes it takes a design desk, other times it is better to focus on something more classic.

Ergonomic executive desks and leaders’ work

Probably the first question one should ask himself before buying an executive office is: what features should it have to ease up my work? Therefore, we must evaluate certain parameters:

  1. What is the magnitude of the work plan I need, given the IT and office tools I use ?
  2. What is the storage capacity I need for files and digital supports that I seldom use?
  3. What is the storage capacity I need for files and digital supports that I often use?
  4. For what and how much space I would like to limit the visibility to those who come into my office?
  5. Do I need to sit someone in front of me, or behind a PC or in front of a working offset?
  6. How much space do I need for my legs, for example if I need to stretch them to relax ?
  7. Do I need to hide my legs from visitors sight, for example, because I’m a woman and I wear short skirts, or because I like to take my shoes off while working?
  8. How bright is the room where I work, knowing that a dark desk absorbs light giving the impression that the room is darker, whereas a light colored executive desk makes it look clearer?

Indeed, we could buy a beautiful transparent crystal design office and discover for example that the sun’s rays reflect off the floor and disturb us when we are using PCs on our transparent desk.

Executive offices and communication

Another essential function of the executive desk is the image it communicates to people who come here, be they staff, suppliers, customers, prospects, or competitors. The questions to ask:

  1. Does it need to make them feel comfortably close, or is it better to keep a certain distance ?
  2. How long do they stay in my office, how much comfort do I want to give them?
  3. What kind of business image do I want to communicate to visitors? If we produce hiking shoes like Timberland, a high-tech plastic and metal executive desk is less appropriate than a wooden one …
  4. If I often receive colleagues for meetings, does my executive desk facilitate collaboration, understanding and communication?

The executive desk has therefore a commercial, productive and even social function. It expresses the personality of the leader and the character of the company. La Mercanti’s sound know-how and its large choice of executive desks enable it to pick exactly what best meets all your requirements.


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