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Executive Cubicles – A Cut Above

executive office cubiclesBeing an executive doesn’t always mean you get a cushy corner office. In this economy, you may have to make do with a much less glamorous space. Executive cubicles may seem like an oxymoron, but you can actually set up a fairly nice space for yourself even in a crowded work environment. Here are some of the ways to set your cube apart from the crowd:

Super Size It

Manager cubicles are larger than entry level ones – and an executive model should be bigger still. Fortunately, panel systems are modular so you can easily join two of them together to make a “super cube”. Put in a couple of guest chairs to make it obvious that you really need the extra space for the high level networking you do. Also, if you can locate your cubicle near an exterior window, be sure to claim that prime piece of real estate.

Surface Appearances Are Important

You may not need to go all the way by paneling your cubicle walls with mahogany (like Jared Neilson did). However, a nice wood grain laminate or beautifully patterned textile is certainly reasonable. Hang an original art piece on the wall. Add an antique desk and lamp to finish out the cube.


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