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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Office Chairs

Last week, we took a look at a Wired magazine article featuring an impassioned and detailed review of several ergonomic office chairs. But there’s an even better place to turn if you need to find out absolutely everything about pretty much any chair on the market. This shout out goes to Duncan MacIntyre at His blog represents the most complete compendium of office chair knowledge you’re likely to find anywhere on the web.

For example, do you know how self adjusting office chairs actually work – and whether they work for everyone? Now, you can find out. Whether you are buying a single chair for home use or a full suite of chairs to outfit an office, this is definitely a resource you’ll want to peruse. Pair the information you find there with a personal, free office furniture consultation from our experts at San Diego Cubicles Office Environments to help you make purchasing decisions that will keep your employees happy over the long term.


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