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Evaluating Cubicles For Sale By Owner

Not every set of used cubicles on the market is bought up by a dealership. Some companies that are liquidating their workstations choose to sell directly to other employers. If you see an ad listing cubicles for sale locally, this might be a chance to pick up gently used furniture at a low price. Or, you might end up with broken, badly worn cubicles that look shabby and have pieces missing. Here’s how to tell a good deal from a bad one.

Does the owner know the brand?

The first question you should ask is about the furniture brand. If you buy high quality cubicles like Steelcase, Teknion, or Herman Miller second hand, they might easily have another decade of use in them. An off-brand that was originally constructed out of cheap materials may be falling apart already.

If you can get the collection name too, you will have a better idea whether the cubicles for sale will fit your office space. Not all designs are rectangular. Some can be configured in a honeycomb format that actually saves room while making each workstation feel larger. These are an especially good deal.

What’s included?

The seller should be willing to offer accurate information on what’s included in the deal. When some people use the term “cubicle”, they mean an entire workstation with overhead storage and a desk. Others are just referring to the panels. That’s an important point to clarify so you know if the pricing is high or low.

If the owner has kept their original packing slip from when the cubicles were first purchased, this makes a handy inventory checklist. Ask the seller if there are any parts missing. If so, you will need to negotiate a lower price to make up for the pieces you will need to buy from the manufacturer as replacements.

Are There Photos?

To save you and the seller both some time, it makes sense to view sample photos before you arrange to look at the cubicles for sale in person. Inquire about the overall condition and ask for close ups of a few areas of wear and tear or damage so you can see if refurbishing is required.

Calculate Total Cost

Once you have determined the condition of the cubicles, you can compare the pricing to similar items for sale by local used office furniture dealers. Remember that the cost and time involved in breaking down, transporting, and reassembling the cubicles will probably fall on you when buying directly from the previous owner. If you don’t have the experience or equipment to handle this, you will need to hire professionals to help out. This can make a difference in whether or not you are really getting a bargain.


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