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Ergonomic Office Furniture Saves Money

That’s a concept that all employers are familiar with. At least, they know that ergonomic furniture is supposed to save them money over the long run. But all too often the discussion focuses only on employee satisfaction (as important as that is) and not on the hard numbers showing how ergonomic purchases affect a company’s bottom line. This can make it hard to justify buying furniture that may cost twice what you are used to paying. Fortunately, Allsteel has compiled the research that helps employers understand the true dollar value of ergonomics in the workplace. The studies are out there, you just have to know where to look. For example, the Washington State DOL found that adjustable ergonomic office furniture (along with user training) decreased WC claims by 60% and the cost of the remaining claims by 80%. Read more about the ROI of ergonomics here.


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